Update and my Webstore

I’ve been quite busy since I was last on here. I really should keep up with the posts!

Anyway, first of all, Wobbly Goggy and I had a table at the Bristol Comic Expo this year (you can see a picture of the two of us on the In2TheReview site here), which was really good fun. We met some great people and sold some of our stuff. I had two new products for sale, both of which are also available at my webstore:

Self-Slicing Bread T-Shirt

You might remember this design from a while ago. I updated it and reworked it, and screen printed it onto heavy white Gildan unisex shirts. They’re £10 each with free shipping to the UK. Unfortunately I’m all out of Mediums so if that’s your size you’ll have to wait until they’re reprinted…

The Journals of Oxxus the Bim

All I know of Oxxus the Bim is that he is a traveler who wrote and illustrated a set of journals. I was lucky enough to come across these journals in a second hand book and toy store in Bristol and have made it my mission to translate the contents.The journals contain illustrations and descriptions of some of the fantastical creatures, artifacts and locations he encountered. Whether any of what’s documented is real or not is for the reader to decide. I simply present the contents for interest’s sake.

This is a selection of extracts from his journals along with my translations.

Here’s a couple of preview pages. If you’ve been following my blog for a while some of it will be familiar but most of the drawings have been totally redone.

The journals are £2 each.

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