Life Drawing 13/01/2014

I did some life drawing on Monday. It was the first time I’d done it in years so I’m a bit out of practice but I’m still quite pleased with how it went. I’d really recommend looking into classes in your area if you’re an artist as it’s a good way of developing your eye and shoring up your drawing techniques. The session started with quick 2 minute poses, then 5, 10 and finally one 50 minute pose with a different model. I’m not entirely certain which of my drawings were which (should have labelled them there) but I think I’ve got them all right:

2 Minute Poses:

2 mins-1

2 Minute Poses:

2 mins

5 Minute Pose:

5 mins-1

5 Minute Pose:

5 mins

10 Minute Pose:

20 mins

50 Minute Pose:

50 mins

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