Fistful of Pencils Round 8 – Pokemon Fusion

My fellow Pokemon trainers and I decided to try our hands out at some Pokemon Fusion for this much awaited round of the Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale. Entering the arena are Goldran, Ponysect and Jynqueen, three Pokemon with varying abilities:

My pokemon is the water type pokemon, Goldran, who is a fusion of Goldeen and Nidoran (m):


Generated here:

Wobbly Goggy fused Ponyta and Parasect and came up with Ponysect, the fire type pokemon. It’s super effective!

poke 001 copy

Generated here:

Art’s Arts made Jynqueen, a combination of Jynx and Nidoqueen “Pikaaaa?!”:


Generated here:

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