Pink Soda Boy #1

All kinds of people from all kinds of countries have been asking me all kinds of questions about Pink Soda Boy since I first released this video of him last month; “Who is he?”, “What super powers, if any, does he have?”, “What’s his real name?”, “What happens if he stops drinking soda?”, “Why do you say soda when you’re from the UK?”, “What the heck even is pink soda (and where can I get some)?”. Anyway, all of these questions, and more, will be answered over the coming decades as we delve into Pink Soda Boy’s story, starting with this exciting strip I present to you today!huh


Apologies to any of my regular readers. I’ve been working on rather a large project and haven’t been able to put as much time into the blog as I’d like to. On top of this, my computer is having difficulties processing so many layers, freezing and crashing at all the key moments. I’ve ordered some new cogs and a couple of sprockets so hopefully once those are installed I’ll be able to work at a more bearable pace!


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