Round 6 of the Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale – Post-Apocalyptic Professions

It’s the massively anticipated Round 6 of the Ichi Nichi Drawings vs Wobbly Goggy vs Art’s Arts Fisful of Pencils Battle Royale Drawing Challenge! We had a bit of a break but this week we’re anticipating the end of everything and imagining what professions people might take up after the apocalypse. Today’s entry comes with a question to you the reader: “Why do we find post-apocalyptic settings so compelling? Why are we so drawn towards the downfall of our society and what springs up to replace it?” Either put your responses in the comments below or respond on my Facebook page.

Anyway, here’s my entry for this week:



The rules of wasteball are simple – be the person holding the ball when it crosses the finish line. Anything else goes. There are no teams, no clan affiliations, only individual glory. The wastelands that the competitors must traverse in order to get to the finish line are what give the sport its name and the course is long and the death toll is always high. Wasteland raiders are known to attack competitors – who knows what their motives are – beasts of the wastes treat the course as their hunting ground, and the terrain is littered with toxic pools, quicksand, crystal pits and all manner of other hazards. Perhaps the greatest dangers they face are the people they compete against, armed with crude weaponry and driven by rage and desperation, the frenzied athletes bear down upon each other mercilessly, cheered on by the baying crowds.
This is where Tobias “The Hero” Reynolds stands out. Despite being one of the top wasteballers, with 12 major titles, including the coveted Basingstoke Murderzone Trophy, which he has now held for three years in a row; he is the only competitor to have never taken another life. What’s even more remarkable about this is that the normally blood thirsty wasteball fans have taken him to heart as a result. “The Hero” is known and adored across the globe by man, woman and swamp mutant alike.



Here’s Wobbly Goggy‘s repulsive entry:



In the far future, after the apocalypse, only 2 forms of beastie exist in abundance – rats and cockroaches. Humans are forced to chow down on either of these, and fast food vendors on most street corners are more than happy to supply passers-by with grilled rat (pictured) or a bag o’ cockroaches. YUM! Alas for thos poor humans that are left with such dreadful fare! Still…it beats Maccy D’s…

And Art’s Arts‘:



“The apocalypse did nothing to change the fact that a dog is man’s best friend even when it did transform Fido into a drooling monstrosity the size of a truck. However, nobody is too keen on having an overly energetic mutant dog rampaging around their settlement and as such the settlements Councils employ the Dog Walkers. These hardy men must brave the irradiated wastelands for days on end, faced with the many perils of this harsh and desolate environment. Thankfully the Council doesn’t insist they clear up after the dogs any more”

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