Shining Armor

Shining Armor

Shining Armor (American spelling to go with the US comic book theme) is a robot who believes he is a man trapped in an impenetrable robotic suit. He fights crime to find purpose in an empty life that can offer him nothing more. One day he believes he will find the people who encased him in his carapace. Let’s hope he never will.

This is my drawing for round 2 of the Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale Drawing Competition with Wobbly Goggy! The theme was ’Robots who don’t realise that they are not human in their superhero alter-ego guises’

More of our drawings are on Facebook.

Wobbly Goggy’s drawing features a misguided robot plummeting to what would seem to be his inevitable doom. But things are never that simple in the world of comics are they?


Other rounds:

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Round 3 – Unknown Victorian Inventors and their forgotten contraptions

Round 4 – Gods of lost religions

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