Archduke von Grapple


Archduke von Grapple comes from a long line of wrestling royalty; with signature moves passed down through the generations. Quake in fear as he unleashes The Aristocrusher!!! Brace yourselves as he delivers a Bourgeois Beat-Down!!!

This is my drawing for Round 1 of the Ichi Nichi Drawings (me) vs. Wobbly Goggy Friendly drawing competition. The theme was 90s Wrestlers. Can you tell that I know nothing about wrestling?!

Andrés delivered us The Postman:

He’s out to steal people’s mail, kick the ass of any dog that gets in his way, and deliver a whupping to anyone who isn’t in to collect their parcel. He’s got no time for your crap and is determined to win the title!

Other rounds:

Round 2 – Robots who don’t realise that they are not human in their superhero alter-ego guises

Round 3 – Unknown Victorian Inventors and their forgotten contraptions

Round 4 – Gods of lost religions

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