The Potentiascope


Using a lens made of quantum glass, the potentiascope is able to show its user the people they could have been had they made different choices in life. Using the dials on the side of the device one can cycle through the different lives that would have been lead. Users report that the apparatus leaves them with a feeling of well-being once they realise that the lives in which they’re worse off, far outweigh those in which they’re happier.


The Potentiascope took its inspiration from a Japanese twin-lens reflex camera from the 50s called a Yashica Mat that my friend at work brought in. It’s a really beautiful piece of kit and it genuinely feels kind of magickal when you look down from above through the viewfinder and see the slightly distorted, ethereal version of the world it displays (might just be me!). To be honest I don’t really know an awful lot about cameras and photography but I was almost tempted to try to pick one up for myself, just so that I could wander around with it and imagine I was looking for ghosts or into other dimensions.

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1 Response to The Potentiascope

  1. jimi hunt says:

    really lovely concept. When does it go into production?

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