The Pacific Scimitar


A great warlord was stood surveying the wanton destruction he had wrought when he was suddenly overcome with grief for what he’d done. Seeing the innocent blood he had spilled, he swore an oath that his sword would never cut another thing. It wasn’t his intention but his words had unexpected power, leaving its blade totally unable to slice through even the softest material, no matter how keenly its edge had been honed. Oddly enough, the scimitar was left with a secondary property, blocking any attack directed at its wielder, without fail. The sword’s new ability protected the warlord for many years in his new career as a champion of the innocent.

So goes the story.

Whatever its true origins are, the sword’s legend has grown as it has been passed from hand to hand. It has been known as The Headsman’s Foe, The Effortless Parry and The Ward of Zull (amongst others) and it has seemingly only ever been wielded by great paladins of virtue and champions of good.

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