Fruin’t with seed.

Tasting exactly like the most hated food of whomever’s eating them, the fruin’t might seem like an evolutionary dead end. At first glance, one might wonder how the seeds within these disgusting little morsels get dispersed.

They actually have a complex relationship with another species. Zallips drag fruin’ts back to their underground nests and smear their young with the foul jelly contained within the capsules that dot their surface. A powerful repellent against predators. When the young are fully grown and the nest is vacated, the seed of the fruin’t is left to grow, surrounded by the nutrient rich guano left behind by the previous occupants.

Fruin’ts have gained popularity amongst the upper classes in recent years and are consumed in vast quantities at high-society galas by people with nothing better to do. No-one wants to admit that they’re having an awful time as they cringe through another mouthful.

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