The war for which they had been created came to an end, leaving the meckanical soldiers obsolete. Their inventors had underestimated the logic engines they had designed for them and this new form of sentience was now out in the world looking to find their way in the nations for whom they had fought. Some argued that they were merely exhibiting an illusion of consciousness and that they should be dismantled immediately but the robots, and their supporters, won out and demanded the same rights and luxuries enjoyed by organic life.

Many became mercenaries in distant lands or bodyguards and security guards, but others had had enough of conflict and replaced the brute claws that had once been use for tearing and crushing with the tools they would need on building sites and factories. A small number of them turned to the arts. Binary poetry is said to be one of the purest and exquisite forms of expression by those who are able to understand it.

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