Faerie Queene

Faerie Queene
The faeries are known as the great bureaucrats of the realms. Indeed, many aspiring young wizards of weaker will get put off the profession when faced with the mountains of paper work and tangles of red tape they need to get through in order to gain access to the magick reserves that the faeries monopolise. Of course, there are ways of bypassing all of this and black market magick is practiced by some of the more foolhardy and impatient warlocks. This is advised against for two reasons; the processes used to obtain this contraband mana are grim, unpleasant affairs and the ogre police force employed by the faerie kingdom mete out merciless punishments on all those found guilty of transgression.

The faerie queene is chosen by election every four years. Grand ceremonies are held during the polls, a celebration of the faerie way of life. They are long-winded and dull.

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