The Creeping Dread

creeping dread

“Oh heck! I can’t shake the the feeling that I’ve gone and left the front door to my house unlocked! Now any manner of thief and vagabond will be able to freely gain access to my dwellings and help themselves to my worldly and otherworldly possessions.

“But surely I wouldn’t do such a thing would I? Surely I’ve become so used to doing it that the act has simply slipped from my memory…

“…and yet…

“…There’s nothing for it, I simply must dash back and check on it, lest it play on my thoughts the whole day through.”

Naturally our tale ends with the protagonist coming home to a firmly locked door and him/her coming away from it feeling like a damned fool.

This is the second in my new series of collectible trading cards. The first of which, The Sudden Realisation, is connected via hyperlink for your convenience.

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2 Responses to The Creeping Dread

  1. ramblingelf says:

    Finally managed to follow you on me iPhone x

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