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14 Faces

Wanted to play around with some different drawing styles so here are some new friends to hang out with… …not sure I trust that guy over there though. Advertisements

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Hulkish Birthday

Maybe he wanted chocolate cake. I actually drew this yesterday for my work-mate Paul’s (of Notes of a Small Mind and Fantasy Faction) birthday today, but I could hardly post it then could I?

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Blob blob blobby blob blob. The blobfish are descended from a beautiful race of ocean-dwelling beings, cursed in ancient times for their vanity by the elder gods. Blobby blob.

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Grey Alien

Have you ever met an alien before? I thought I’d met one once but it turned out to be a troll wearing a mask.

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The hidden blade, the silent death, the wafting gust. Make sure you check under your bed tonight. These little masters of the subtle arts get everywhere!

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Birthday Dog

I asked for suggestions on what to draw next on my blog the other day on Facebook. The suggestions were of varying quality (I can’t wait to draw Ryosuke’s one): Anyway, my friend Andrés, AKA Wobbly Goggy, posted the first … Continue reading

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“Koaaaaark!” As if the world didn’t have enough depictions of tribal anthropomorphic frogs, here’s another one. Adventuring parties will sometimes find grippli in the swamps and marshes of Faerûn, Golarion and Athas (haha not really of course!).

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